Monday, 20 May 2013

Trans-seasonal dressing for Battleaxes

Weather has gone a bit mad, hasn't it?  Are you wearing summer clothes? No? Me neither.  The shops are full of lovely things, but I already have a wardrobe full of hardly worn garments.  So, the answer has to be clothes that can layer, mix and match to wear throughout several seasons - whatever the weather.
In a previous post on buying stylish clothes for Battleaxes, I've listed the brands Battleaxe favours, so let's see what they have to offer....
      Let's start with skirts. Most cotton skirts can be worn with opaque tights, leggings, even boots. You can wear a jumper or cardigan on top when it's cold, bare legs, sandals or sneakers and thin top when its hot. I've bought two skirts this year, one from Seasalt and one from Adini. Both have had plenty of wear already. Fuller skirts need a drop waist or sewn in pleats if you are bigger than tiny.  Try and choose a skirt with at least one darker colour in the pattern - these look better with darker opaques and leggings. Try other colours than black for tights - navy, plum, petrol blue etc. They look more spring-like.
Seasalt skirt - I have this
Adini skirt - I have this too

     Battleaxes need skirts on or just below the knee for wear with bare legs. Avoid maxi skirts - too much fabric, unless you are tall and skinny enough to get away with a simple jersey tube.
     Denim skirts are good too - can be layered up or down indefinitely.
     Next, dresses or tunic tops.  Choose styles without sleeves, or short sleeves, so you can layer a longer sleeved T-shirt underneath comfortably for when it is cooler.  Again, choose styles that can be worn with tights, leggings, skinny jeans when it is cold, bare legs or crop leggings when hotter. Avoid tunic tops that cut right across the middle of the thighs - these are unflattering. Longer is better. Slightly more fitted styles work well, so you can wear a jacket or cardigan on top without looking too huge and voluminous. Talking of huge, fashion websites always show models wearing wide leg trousers under tunics or dresses. I still stick to the maxim volume on top, skinny on the bottom, and vice versa. Otherwise, barrage balloon ahoy. For good shapes and pretty fabrics, try Masai, and again, Adini and Seasalt. White Stuff do a good range too.

     Unless you are planning a long summer holiday somewhere reliably hot, cut down on long floaty maxi dresses in vibrant prints.  Of course, you can layer these up, but mad cat lady/pagan goddess beckons. Also, avoid buying too much voluminous linen - I have two lovely long strange shaped linen skirts from EllaModa - have worn one once, and the other not at all. In fact none of my linen garments get worn that much....
      Tops.  Lots of layering basic cotton T shirts, obviously.  Surprisingly hard to find these days. Oddly enough, I tend to favour Tu at Sainsburys.
      Try shirts or blouses that can be worn over a T shirt or on their own. Try not to get too much volume, or material that is too stiff - one tends to look on the verge of giving birth. Nice Things do soft cotton blouses with elasticated backs so they are more fitted. Or go vibrant with Desigual. I got a good top in Germany the other week, because it was far hotter than we anticipated. Philosopher said the fabric looked like the 'bandanas dachshunds wear', but I liked it. It has a drawstring waist band that can be pulled in to reduce volume.
Nice Things blouse

Desigual 'dachshund bandana' Jenifer top

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