Monday, 11 February 2013

Tesco in Ore - no, no - and other hot Hastings catch-ups

The issue of the Tesco store moving into the old Oddfellows pub  in Ore is still rumbling on - the Council planners are due to meet on 26 February. I do sincerely hope they can bring themselves to resist this - it would be such a bad thing for Ore, as Bombastic battleaxe set out in an earlier post. There is clearly plenty of opposition.
     I have sent an objection to the planning application - you can do this quite easily on-line, I discover.
Problem is, what to do with the building, given that there is no parking.
     Re-opening as a pub is the obvious thing, but presumably no-one wants to take it on. I wonder how hard it is to get funding for a community pub/cafe-bar. My next best idea would be a new home for Ore Library, which is in a very cramped little building.
     Some better news about other Battleaxe gripe areas:
     A very early post on this blog was about the lack of brown garden waste recycling bins. Well, we have now got one! It is sitting outside - already half full -  as I write. Great!
     Next, I read today that the Council have secured funding from the Coastal Communities Fund to match the funding already secured from the Lottery to build a new pier. That is very good news. Looking back, I see it is a whole year ago that Hastings Battleaxe incurred the wrath of Simon Opie, CEO of the Pier Trust,  with a post highlighting lack of progress and, above all, lack of publicity. I still think the publicity issue is a concern. Philosopher is a member of the HPWRT, and he gets very little information, never mind the general public. Still, hopefully, we will now see the first signs of progress. The pier worries me - will it ever really happen?
     I also read that the Council is considering an electric tram to carry visitors along the sea-front.  This will become very necessary when - or if - the pier ever opens.  However, I still think we would do better with a Dotto train - cheaper than trams I am sure, and more fun - people do like them. The one in Eastbourne always seems popular.
     Finally - Battleaxe is concerned about shops etc. closing down. Very sad indeed to lose the Post Office Tearooms in St Leonard's - such a well-loved place, but just not making enough money to survive.  Today, I noticed that the Weekend Gallery in Old Town High Street has closed, as has the little Room52 clothes shop in George Street (in that case, too little stock, and too expensive). Worrying.

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