Friday, 4 January 2013

The Church of England should be disestablished - now.

Sorry guys - this was going to be a fun post about fashion but now it is going to get all furious and ranting about the the need to disestablish the Church of England.
     I have just been watching the news and apparently the Church is now saying that gay men can now become bishops if they agree to remain celibate and 'repent' of their homosexuality.  Wow, that is really big of it. Add this to the nonsense about women bishops and gay marriage and this is getting ridiculous.
      Have just been watching 'conservative' church persons frothing and foaming about the appalling possibility of any sort of gay man becoming a bishop. But never mind those insane attitudes, why does the church think it is making any concession to liberality by expecting gay men to remain celibate, and what exactly are they supposed to be repenting of?
     All this would be very unpleasant, but merely a passingly disagreeable business affecting a small minority of the faithful if the Church of England was an independent - and increasingly irrelevant - sect.  As an openly sexist and homophobic organisation it would probably get done for flouting anti-discrimination legislation, and rightly so.
      However, as things are now, as the established church it is part of the governing structure of our nation. Our monarch is the head of the Church. Bishops are still entitled to sit in the House of Lords and participate in the legislative process. Us lot are supposed to look to the Church for moral leadership.
      Why are we giving continued support to this institution with attitudes from the Dark Ages?
       Why are we giving this stuff prime coverage on the national news?
     Not good enough, says the Bombastic Battleaxe.


  1. Why not go all the way and disestablish ALL the mainstream religions? I don't really see how one is any worse than the other but I'm open to persuasion....

  2. I agree - but the thing with the C of E is that it is the 'official' religion of this country - Queen is head of the church etc.